Classic Car Insurance in Northern Ireland

Conditions for Classic Car insurance vary from one company to another. For example the AA offer classic Car insurance to drivers who are over 22 years old, have a standard build, over 15 years old and do less than 7,500 miles a year, whereas the Norwich Union Collector's car insurance is now available for any cars built before 1994 which cover less than 5,000 miles per year.

Classic Car Insurance is very popular in Northern Ireland. It is often reported in the motoring press that classic car insurance in northern ireland is far cheaper than a modern car policy, but it is important to note that this assumes a very limited mileage and the garaging of the vehicle in ideal circumstances. It may be tempting to stretch consider classifying your car as 'classic' and thereby qualify for the classify for the classic insurance category. But this may cost you dearly. Insurance companies will always try to avoid paying out, and if they can prove that you have been using your car for regular usage, whilst under classic insurance cover, you may be in trouble! This strategy could could very soon turn out to be an expensive mistake.

The condition and scarcity of classic cars varies dramatically. An owner's perception of the value of their vehicle can very easily differ from the insurer's valuation, and the time to agree a valuation with your insurer is before and not after a claim arises!!

To get the best deal for classic insurance in northern Ireland, we suggest that you make contact only with specialist insurers. Their specific insurance schemes are tailored to fit your requirements and their rates are usually better.